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"Unique and Original"  World Magic Review

"prepare to be convinced about the thin veil that separates our world from the next"

The Wee Review


Providing outstanding and unsettling illlusions, if you're looking for magic that is different, bizarre and a little bit spooky, then Ash Pryce can provide you with an event that will leave you scratching your head as you hide behind the sofa.

A horror magician and student of the paranormal, with over a decade of experience in ghostly entertainment, and almost twenty full run Edinburgh Fringe shows behind him. 

Make any night a Hallowe'en fright night

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~paranormal illusionist~

"Unique and Original"  World Magic Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Wee Review

Paranormal Illusionist is a 60 minute dive into the dark world of seance magic, ESP and spirit contact.  A one man show featuring demonstrations of Extrasensory Perception, Ouija boards, spirit writing, direct physical spirit touches and interference with lights by apparent ghosts.

An interactive story takes you from the birth of Spiritualism to the visiting spirit of the dearly departed.  Featuring experiments with Zener Cards, Ouija, pendulums and spirit slates, and using a variety of supernatural tools including a crystal purchased from a genuine Salem witch. This show completed it's premier during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019. Check the "What's On" page for any upcoming public shows, or get in touch to book this for your event, group or other occasion.




Edinburgh Horror Festival Sell Out Shows 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Featuring possessed mediums, mind reading demonstrations and the Victorian Seance brought back to life on stage for the modern world. Paranormal magic that is interactive, engaging, frightful and fun, recreating the lost world of the Séance. We plunge you back into the 19th century and the séance parlour to witness supernatural skills, spirit communication and direct mind reading of your inner most thoughts.

Each seance features a Spirit Cabinet demonstration.  These were popular in early to mid Spiritualism and involved a medium placed inside the cabinet, restrained and the cabinet closed.  After which various items inside the cabinet would come to life despite the medium being restrained and unable to reach them.


I am a hard man to please, but Ash hit the spot and went beyond entertainment. Dove W

I still can't guess how it worked unless his paranormal powers are real. Danny W.

Lauriston Castle tonight and thought the show was brilliant, well worth going to see. Alison A.

Your finale with that couple wins my best trick of the Fringe. Duncan W.


"the show also makes the audience even more aware of Pryce’s skill as a magician ... unique and original ... he performs smoothly, keeping his attendee’s attention" - World Magic Review

"It is easy to see why Pryce is a sell out act ... a thoroughly entertaining performance!" - The Wee Review


"Leicester's answer to Derren Brown" - BBC Radio Leicester   "Freaky" - Ayrshire Post  

"Spectacular" - GlasgowLive   


"Amazing ... blew my mind" - Neon Frights  "A great showman" - NottinghamLive

"Pure Entertainment" - Camerons, Ayr    


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