Close Up & Walk Around

"Unique and Original"  World Magic Review

"prepare to be convinced about the thin veil that separates our world from the next"

The Wee Review


Whether you are looking to occupy your guests whilst you get ready for the main event, or want to provide a way to engage with those at corporate trade shows - encouraging people over to your booth - then Ash can provide stunning and beautiful close up magic.

But beyond providing traditional mind reading, Ash has another set exclusively for those of a darker persuasion, presenting up close paranormal illusions, supernatural trickery and mind blowing macabre demonstrations.

Mind bending illusions in the palm of your hand

Available for weddings - parties - retirements - you name it!

Mentalism Close Up



"[Myself and my partner] were amazed at how he performed the act up close, we have no idea how he did it!" Kim. D - Audience Member

Traditional walk around and close up mind reading.  Suitable for all ages and a perfect way to make your guests feel individually recognised and part of the event.

Offering a chance to experience Ash's stage antics right up close by bringing the show to the audiences own hands and seats. 

A beautiful and adaptable set of demonstrations that highlights Ash's skills as a magician and mind reader.   Perfect for when you want to have your guests entertained whilst you rush around organising your important event!




"Jaw dropping climactic endings and a fantastic sense of humour. What he does, he does very well and very confidently." Dove W. - Audience Member

If you're looking for something unique, weird, otherworldly and spooky then Ash's strolling spooky demonstrations of psychic and supernatural powers is going to be the thing for you!

Direct paranormal infused magic in the palm of your guests hands.  Psychic demonstrations of metal bending and telekinesis? Ash has you covered.  Or maybe you want a more unsettling macabre set, horrifying tales woven into startling illusions.  Ash can provide something unique and different to what else is on offer - close up horror magic!


I am a hard man to please, but Ash hit the spot and went beyond entertainment. Dove W

I still can't guess how it worked unless his paranormal powers are real. Danny W.

Lauriston Castle tonight and thought the show was brilliant, well worth going to see. Alison A.

Your finale with that couple wins my best trick of the Fringe. Duncan W.


"the show also makes the audience even more aware of Pryce’s skill as a magician ... unique and original ... he performs smoothly, keeping his attendee’s attention" - World Magic Review

"It is easy to see why Pryce is a sell out act ... a thoroughly entertaining performance!" - The Wee Review


"Leicester's answer to Derren Brown" - BBC Radio Leicester   "Freaky" - Ayrshire Post  

"Spectacular" - GlasgowLive   


"Amazing ... blew my mind" - Neon Frights  "A great showman" - NottinghamLive

"Pure Entertainment" - Camerons, Ayr    


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